This device allows an immediate diagnosis of 10 possible faults that can occur on the vehicles AC systems.

Types of faults detected by the Cooltest 711:
1 Gas leakages
2 Lack of gas
3 Low compression
4 The compressor does not work
5 Expansion valve chocked
6 Electric fan not working
7 Gas overcharge
8 Condenser panel chocked
9 Receiver drier chocked
10 Low pressure circuit chocked




The Cooltest 711 allows you to:

# Save time in troubleshooting
# Provide a hierarchy inside the workshop


# Does not require training for its use
# Contributes to the preservation of the environment as an orientation on the type of fault can avoid wasting gas




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Are becoming more those who choose colltest 711.
Due to constant technological advancement of the automotive industry, companies must be equipped with the greatest tools in order to optimize repair times and costs thereof so as to achieve best benefits for himself and for his clients. To do this we created COOLTEST and VALTEST whose technical characteristics and uses can be seen in our site..

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